The Public Reservation Policy has been adopted in order to ensure that WestWorld facilities shall be available to the general public in a fair and equitable manner.

As a general and overriding statement, the City of Scottsdale WestWorld shall always attempt to provide high quality events and activities, which are of benefit to facility users and the general public. WestWorld's policy shall be to cater to those events, which are western or equestrian in nature, which provide a wide spectrum of wholesome spectator entertainment and participant experience in the proper use and showing of animals.

Non-equestrian events shall be accommodated if they have broad public appeal or are in compliance with the overall operational philosophy of WestWorld, which is to provide a wide range of public recreational and entertainment activities.

The City of Scottsdale reserves the right to approve all entertainment for any event or activity held on WestWorld property.

Facility Rental Policy

  • The public may pre-book any facility up to one (1) year in advance on a first come, first served basis. There is no restrictive policy on public bookings, with the exception that major signature events take precedence.
  • The major signature events are of broad public benefit and may be authorized for multiple year agreements and may be ongoing as long as the public benefit warrants continuance. City of Scottsdale WestWorld will always practice non-discrimination with respect to any and all groups.
  • All rental fees and deposits shall be paid in US dollars by cash, certified check, cashier's check, money order, or other manner deemed acceptable by the City of Scottsdale.
  • Should another customer request the same date as a previous customer who has only a tentative date, or should a deposit not be received within the specified amount of time, the initial customer is contacted to discuss an alternative date or cancellation.
  • Reservations are made in first, second, and third position, etc. If the customer in first position cancels the reservation, opts for another date or does not pay the deposit within the specified amount of time, then the next position shall have the option of confirming that date.

Denial of Facility Rental

The City of Scottsdale reserves the right to refuse rental of WestWorld facilities based on the following criteria:

  • Requested dates have been confirmed by another individual/group by receipt of deposit and signed Facility Use License.
  • Usages that the City of Scottsdale deems potentially are damaging to any WestWorld facility.
  • Any illegal activities.
  • Activities which are excluded from the City of Scottsdale's liability insurance coverage (e.g., bungee jumping).
  • Events that would create noise or sound levels that are deemed by the City of Scottsdale to be disruptive and offensive to surrounding neighborhoods and to the comfort of guests on the property.
  • Simultaneous non-compatible uses of adjacent facilities.
  • Persons or firms who have demonstrated by past performance, in their dealings with WestWorld or entities other than WestWorld, not to be in the best interest of the City of Scottsdale.
  • This would include previous history of non-payment, outstanding billings or history of improper usage or damage to facilities. Proof of such adverse performance may include, but not be limited to, such items as non-payment of vendors for past events, failure to adequately control participants or spectators, breach of contract and/or non-compliance of lawful rules and regulations.
  • Failure to provide the City of Scottsdale with requested Certificate of Insurance.
  • Failure to pay deposit amounts or other scheduled payments on a timely basis -prior to a scheduled event.
  • Activities, which would cause access problems, due to traffic or congestion, for events already scheduled.
  • Activities that, in the judgment of City of Scottsdale management, are offensive to accepted community standards.
  • Events that are blatantly discriminatory in nature in matters such as sex, race, religion, creed, color, or national origin.
  • Activities which, in the City of Scottsdale's judgment, are not compatible with WestWorld's mission and vision statements.

In addition to the above, the Bureau of Reclamation has the right to deny rental of the facility or to cancel events should a major flood or other problem with the Central Arizona Canal occur which, in the opinion of the Bureau of Reclamation, would necessitate temporary closure of WestWorld.

For more information, please call WestWorld at 480-312-6815.